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Who’s up for a snowball fight?

Trust Monsma Landscape & Maintenance to keep your landscape looking beautiful and full.  We provide services from lawn mowing and yard maintenance to landscape design in the Grand Rapids MI area.  Call (616)-868-5767 TODAY for a quote or use the form to the right.

Have Trees, Will Travel

We offer tree and Shrub service and Care in the Grand Rapids, MI Area

Monsma Landscape and Maintenance has tree and shrub experts in the Grand Rapids area and are committed to helping residents and businesses preserve trees and shrubs. Our horticulturalists can diagnose and treat tree and shrub problems specific to the west Michigan area.

Great Lakes Trade Exposition in Lansing

Great Lakes Trade Exposition in Lansing

MLM team was in Lansing at the Great Lakes Trade Exposition.   We thoroughly enjoyed connecting with other colleagues in the trade and many potential customers.   At the seminars and trade show we learned more about best practices in plant care and hardscape, equipment improvements, as well as new trends in the landscape industry.

Call (616) 868-5767 or contact us TODAY to discuss your next landscape project!


We are working hard in the Grand Rapids Community to replant Trees

We are working hard in the Grand Rapids Community to replant Trees

transplanting-trees-grand-rapids-miWe have been busy working on the local highways and roads and schools in the West Michigan Area.  We are a locally owned company located in the Grand Rapids area with state of the art equipment allowing us to replant treasured trees.  Transplanting can be tricky and there is a high risk of losing your most treasured trees.  However, with our specialized equipment and competent crew, you can be rest assured that we will transplant trees with the the utmost care on your property.   Here you can see our knowledgable crew transplanting a Japanese Maple and a Blue Spruce Globe at Covenant Christian High School.  Have questions???   For more information on moving or transplanting trees, call 616-868-5767 TODAY.   We are experts in our field and would love to talk to you about transplanting trees and any other landscape project.


Installing Norway Spruce trees along Cascade road.

installing-blue-spruce-grand-rapids-miMonsma Landscape has specialized equipment to drill holes and install trees.  Here you can see our crew in action installing Norway Spruce trees along Cascade Road.  Spring and Fall is one of the best time to install or replant trees.  For more information call us TODAY for an estimate.

What landscapers do when they aren’t plowing?

What do landscapers do when they aren’t plowing snow?

NMLA-SealNEWWinter is traditionally the time for us to work on equipment, to make sure everything is running well and looking good for spring. At MLM we are doing some of that between snowfalls.

Just as important and maybe even more so is the time that we spend planning for the next landscaping season. During this past week the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association held its annual convention in Lansing. This event was an excellent way to expand our creative and technical skills. There were also many seminars that focused on the business side of our trade.

As we look forward to spring, we are putting some of this week’s lessons into practice in ways that will benefit our clients and their landscapes.

For more information on our landscaping services in the Grand Rapids, MI area call 616-868-5767 or contact us TODAY! 

Areas we provide landscaping services include Ada, Cascade, East Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, Grand Rapids, Rockford, Lowell, Grandville and other zip codes we serve: 49301, 49331, 49506, 49546, 49341, 49316, 49507, 49505, 49508

How to hide a foundation wall

You work so hard to make the landscaping around your home beautiful.  However,  the foundation walls around your home can be an eyesore creating an ugly sight.  There’s no way to avoid ugly foundation walls which are so vital to anchor your home to the ground.  However, there are ways to hide and beautify those areas.  You can plant small trees, plants, bushes or ground cover  around the foundation to help hide and make these areas look attractive.  It is very important to ensure that your favorite plantings are placed where they will receive an adequate amount of water and sun/shade in order for them to flourish.  Below are photos from a job Monsma Landscape and Maintenance recently completed.

How to hide a a foundation wall

Back Yard and Patio Landscaping

Back patioMonsma Landscape and Maintenance can create a relaxing and welcoming environment in your back yard.  Our job is to let you Live Better Outdoors and we can design your back yard or patio space to fit your life style.  It is important to make sure that plantings are correctly placed based on light, environment and soil.  No matter how large or small your landscape project, we have the heavy equipment to perform your landscaping project efficiently and safely with the best possible results.

We are committed to using the proper fertilizers and herbicides for the health and vigor of your plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. MLM applicators are certified and licensed by the State of Michigan; keeping your health and safety top priority.  As your landscape and lawn care professionals, we care about our work and treat your property with the utmost care and respect.

We offer weeding and yard maintenance services in the Grand Rapids area to keep your new landscaping looking as beautiful as it did on the day of installation.

Monsma Landscape & Maintenance is properly insured for the safety and protection of you and your property.

 Back Yard and Patio Landscaping Grand Rapids, MI

Low Maintenance Landscaping West Michigan

As everyone leads very busy lives these days and we are finding that customers are looking for ways to save time and or money on their landscaping.  Low maintenance landscaping is a great way to go.  This involves making sure you are using the correct, plantings as well as material to help prevent weed growth.  We recently worked redid the landscaping around the sign of the Huntington Bank branch Portland, MI.  This landscaping job involved us removing overgrown plants. We also installed some low maintenance plants and stone. Now they don’t need bark mulch by the sign every year!

For more information of low maintenance landscaping call us TODAY 616-868-5767

Landscaping services Grand Rapids

Did You Know

…that trees are natural air filters? Just one tree removes 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year and can produce enough oxygen for a family of four?

…that proper placement and selection of trees, shrubs, and perennials can lower heating and cooling costs by 20% and reduce noise pollution by 50% ?

…that your healthy lawn is not only your family’s playground, but it also provides for air, water, and soil conservation?


Landscaping services Grand Rapids

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