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Are Permeable Pavers suitable for Grands Rapids area climate


Management of storm water has become a hot topic country wide and in West Michigan. The principles used for installing permeable hardscapes are the same as typical hardscape installations. There are many attractive product lines that absorb rainfall while reducing runoff.


1. Storm water runoff reduction

Through the use of permeable pavers in Grand Rapids area driveways and parking areas, the amount of storm water that reaches water treatment systems can be reduced. This will save money for municipalities and keep our lakes cleaner.

2. Aquifer recharge

Porous pavements detain storm water and allow it to slowly add to the ground water levels and mimic the natural water cycle.

3. Pollution control

Paved surfaces used for vehicle traffic catch some of the pollutants that flow into streams and lakes with the storm water. Permeable pavers filter suspended solids, nutrients, and metals through the crushed stone base and aid in the break down of contaminants.

4. Cost savings

Experience has shown that even though the initial installation costs more, permeable pavers have maintenance costs that are 30% less than asphalt.

5. Cooling effects and looking cool

Permeable pavers that are sown with grass seed have a lower surface temperature than asphalt. Porous pavers look great! The open areas of these pavers can have soil and grass seed added to give a very unique look.

Over 90% of rainfall events are of half an inch less. Much of this rainfall can be handled by permeable pavers. By showing your clients the benefits you can add more green to your bottom line.

Source: Paveloc Industries, Inc.

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