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low maintenance yard grand rapids

Cottage Landscape, Grand Rapids Area MI

The Cottage Landscape

Low maintenance landscape Grand Rapids MI

Low maintenance landscape Grand Rapids MI

Personal tastes in landscaping can be as unique as you are. However most folks agree that well planned exterior hardscapes and plantings will increase property values in the Grand Rapids area, it’s curb appeal and will add benefit to your life experience.

Easy breezy and low maintenance landscaping

The top request from our Grand Rapids area clients is low maintenance. This can be achieved, but please remember there is no such thing as zero maintenance. During establishment (usually the first year after installation) it is important to keep up on weeding and watering. With most perennials there is the need either (pre season or end of season) to cut down the growth of the previous year. With these basic tasks covered you can enjoy the outside as much as the inside of your cottage!

Right plant, right place

Let’s look at the possibilities for a dry, sunny site with poor soil. With less than ideal soil it is a good idea to add leaf compost for a good start.  Adding a temporary soaker hose will make watering a snap. Slow release fertilizer added when planting will give your plants an extra boost. Putting the right plant in the right place is the biggest key to success. Plant selection should be based on how it will perform in specific location. There are plants that need full sun and some need shade, some like wet feet and others need well drained soil. You also need to know what plants deer will browse. It is important to know what your plant needs before the shovel goes in the ground.

Tough sun lovers

With so many different cultivars of these plants, you’re bound to find some that tickle your fancy. Here is a short list of some drought tolerant, full sun perennials:


Allium (ornamental chive)

Baptisia (wild indigo)

Butterfly Bush


Echinacea (coneflower)




Ornamental grasses

Perovskia (Russian Sage)


Vinca (Myrtle)


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