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heat wave in west michigan

Ugly brown lawns Grand Rapids?

Grand Rapids and West Michigan homeowners do about their ugly brown lawn?

Everyone of our customers in the Grand Rapids area wants a lush, dense, green turf even during these dog days of summer.  Fact of the matter is that we have a very hot spell of weather coming to West Michigan and no rain in sight.  So what do we do about our ugly brown lawn?

With the heat lately you may need to actually double your sprinkling times to keep things looking good.

Stay on top of watering your lawn Grand Rapids

Remember that a slow deep soaking is more beneficial that a quick blast that will probably flow away from the plant. Some plants like Coreopsis are prone to mildew if they stay wet too long, so don’t water them late in the day. The same goes for turf. Early morning watering is best. You may want to hit it again 12 hours later making sure it can dry before dark. One drawback to watering in the heat is water loss through evaporation. Timing is everything… when you water will effect the amount you water.

Another option would be to keep sprinkling at the same time but double the duration.

Attention…property owners in Grand Rapids, due to this long hot spell without rain, make sure to raise your blade when lawn mowing to avoid your grass from scorching or burning in the hot sun.

Keeping it green,

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