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Dead grass Grand Rapids MI

Grand Rapids Lawn Maintenace – Fall Lawn aeration


 WHAT: A machine with hollow shafts of metal runs over the turf removing core plugs of soil and grass.

These plugs remain on the lawn and break down over the next several weeks.


WHY: Allows fertilizer, air and water to get close to the turf roots.

Fall is the best time for root growth.

Improved root & turf strength gives you a thicker, greener lawn.

Reduces soil compaction for better water absorption.

Break down the thatch layer that stifles your lawn.


WHEN: Prior to your next fertilizer application.


HOW: Call MLM today for a quote!

Mention this blog and receive 10% a fall fertilizer application. New clients only.

Monsma Landscape & Maintenance is a landscape management company located in the Grand Rapids area.  Our services include landscape design and landscape management services within the Grand Rapids area.

Grand Rapids, MI – is your lawn dead or dormant?

Save your lawn West Michigan!  Want to LOVE your LAWN again?

Tan and dead looking lawns have become all too common this summer.

According to MSU Turf Studies the best way to restore west Michigan turf is to aerate, overseed, and topdress with soil.

For large areas topdressing is not necessary.

There is hope, but it will take some work!

Need help with your lawn Grand Rapids?  Call Monsma Landscape and Maintenance TODAY (616) 868-5767 to talk to the professionals

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